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Several millennia before Christ, people began to play with diabolos. In recent years, the level of diabolo playing has rapidly developed due to the quick spread of new tricks via channels such as YouTube. Playing with a diabolo is easy to pick up; with the right instruction, it's possible to get the diabolo spinning well within a few minutes. Diabolo tricks start very simply with a lift or throwing the diabolo into the air. The possibilities are then endless; hundreds of tricks can be learned. Most people play with a diabolo with a fixed axle, but it is also possible to play with a ball-bearing diabolo. The axle of a ball-bearing diabolo can spin in one direction, significantly increasing spin time. For playing with multiple diabolos on one string, it is useful to have a diabolo with a fixed axle.

Juggling is the art of throwing and catching objects. Juggling can be done with many items such as apples, eggs, soccer balls, shoes, and so on. The best way to juggle is with professional juggling equipment such as beanbags, juggling rings, juggling clubs, or juggling hats. The right equipment makes learning to juggle easier. Of course, a lot of practice is still required if you want to become very good. There are various styles of juggling; some jugglers see it as a sport and try to master the most difficult tricks, while others train for performances. Juggling improves your motor skills, balance, coordination, and concentration, which is why many schools choose juggling equipment that can be used during gym classes or breaks.

Unicycling is a true sport with different styles and corresponding unicycles, such as freestyle, muni (mountain unicycling), trial, and long-distance. Especially the latter three categories do not resemble the biased circus bike. Learning to unicycle is not difficult if you do it right. If cycling is not successful after one or two hours, it is important to persevere. With the right determination and technique, almost anyone, young and old, can learn to unicycle. Once you have mastered the basics, you can learn many tricks or even go off-road unicycling. Especially for this type of cycling, there are off-road unicycles, also known as mountain unicycles, abbreviated as Muni. Once you can unicycle, you are unlikely to forget how. If you have a unicycle with a large wheel, you can cycle up to 20 kilometers per hour and even faster with a lot of training. Remember to wear the right protection to reduce the risk of injuries if you fall