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About us

Circus-Expert.co.uk offers an extensive range of circus supplies ranging from juggling materials, unicycles, aerial acrobatics, fire materials, yoyos and many more impressive circus accessories. Our goal is to provide jugglers of all levels with the best and most unique circus equipment the market has to offer.

We provide not only high quality juggling products, but also a unique experience. From our store in Helden, Limburg, we offer customers the opportunity to view and try out products. Our assortment, which includes thousands of items, is almost always available directly from stock. We can also be found at juggling festivals with a sales booth, sharing our passion with the circus community.

Whether you are a novice juggler or a professional circus performer, Circus-Expert is ready to support your circus adventure. Online, we provide extensive information with photos, text and videos to help you make the right choice. But we also understand that some products are best tried and tested. That's why we welcome customers to our store in Helden, where almost everything can be demonstrated and tested.

We share our passion with the community of circus enthusiasts. Welcome to Circus-Expert, where your circus adventure begins and the magic never ends.


The story of Circus Expert began not in the limelight of a major circus, but in the home of the Luijten family, where the household increasingly took on the allure of a circus. At a young age, the children began riding unicycles, and soon added juggling to their repertoire. In 2012, when a small juggling shop in Roermond closed its doors, the then 18-year-old Ruud decided to start his own juggling store with the goal of providing the jugglers in and around Roermond with the best juggling equipment.

What started as a local store soon grew into an online juggling paradise. Customers could easily order products online through the webshop, although in those early days the assortment was modest, consisting of juggling plates, diabolos, juggling balls and some unicycles.

But the passion for juggling did not let Circus-Expert stand still. The assortment grew rapidly. The aim was, and still is, to offer the best range for jugglers of all levels. Constantly searching for products that add value to the assortment. Today the assortment includes thousands of items that can almost always be delivered directly from stock.

Circus-Expert is not just a store; it is a juggling adventure that has evolved from a the love of circus at its core. With us you will find not only the best juggling equipment, but also a community that shares the same passion. Welcome to Circus-Expert, where the juggling adventure begins and the magic of circus never ends.