Juggling with a diabolo is a fun and challenging activity that is becoming increasingly popular. It's more than just a camping sport; it's a discipline that requires skills such as timing, coordination, and concentration.

At Circus Expert, we have a wide range of diabolos and accessories, including complete diabolo sets and individual diabolos. It's important to start with a fixed-axle diabolo as it is easier to control and suitable for beginners. If you advance and are interested in learning more complex tricks, we recommend transitioning to a diabolo with a ball-bearing axle. High-quality ball bearings ensure a smoother and faster rotation, making it easier to perform advanced tricks.

If you are ambitious and want to learn to play with multiple diabolos simultaneously, it's best to choose a professional diabolo with a fixed axle. These are heavier and more stable, making it easier to control multiple diabolos at once.

Circus Expert also offers a wide range of accessories such as diabolo sticks and strings. Using high-quality strings is crucial as they undergo significant wear and tear during play. We recommend purchasing spare strings to ensure you are always ready to play.

In summary, diabolo is a fantastic activity that is both enjoyable and challenging. With our diabolos and accessories, you can maximize your potential and further develop your skills.